As soon as opening track “Right Reasons” explodes with a firework display of powerful guitar cuts and drum fills over the tight, grooving bass line, the band’s confidence hits you right where you want it to. The synth riff is reminiscent of Passion Pit and just as sweet on the ears. The EP never takes a break, feeding off the energy of Walk The Moon inspired “Waterfall” and daring to go even bolder on “Slow Motion”, a hipster’s take on an oldies ballad. The tunes take a road-trip through decades of influence, blending 80’s pop with modern alternative rock into a style anyone can vibe with. Lyrically, the record clears the clouds around what love and life means to their generation, seeing the world and themselves through a new perspective.The grand finale, “Karma”, finishes stronger then ever as it blossoms into a stadium sized anthem that leaves nothing up to the imagination. The last chord can’t ring out long enough for the goosebumps to decline and the inescapable crave for more will have you coming back to ride again.


    The boys back up their impressive recordings with a live show that delivers on all the thrill and excitement you would hope for, amping up the intensity one song at a time. The raw emotion in the vocals of lead singer Freddy Purcell compliments the artificial sweetness oozing out of the three keyboards he commands on stage. Lead guitarist and fellow vocalist Joe Cox creatively puts shimmering effects and sheer force into the picture, leaving no one in the room unimpressed or standing still. Plenty of power comes from Parker Simonaitis behind the drum set, who lays down a rock solid beat for bassist Sean Groebe to funk up and groove on. No stage can handle their undeniable presence, staying telepathically connected while getting increasingly rambunctious. Audiences have complimented the group’s tightness and charisma at Chicago venues such as Metro, Abbey Pub, Beat Kitchen, and an ever expanding list of others. Somehow it seems like they could fit as an opener on almost any bill and get the crowd hooked.


    Ember Oceans doesn’t just want you to listen to their music, they want it to take you on the best vacation you’ve ever had. It’s safe to say its worth the trip every time.